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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10 World of Warcraft Addons

Heres a list of the top 10 addons that will enhance your wow experiance

10. ArkInventory - - Must have bag consolidation addon. Includes item organization features.
9. Quartz - - Extremely interactive and customizable casting bar, great for anyone modding their UI.
8. Pitbull4 - - Although it takes a while to configure, no other unit frame addon matches the editing ability of PB4.
7. Deadly Boss Mods - - Essential for any raider, DBM gives you encounter instructions during the fight.
6. Gladius - - Like DMB for arena players, great moddable unit frames and in-combat notifications.
5. OmniCC - - Amazing cooldown tracking addon, displaying cooldown in text on ability icons.
4. Dominos - - Extremely simple, minimalistic addon bar.
3. Auctionator - - An amazing addon for any frequent AH user. Auto lists and prices items to undercut others.
2. Recount - - Highly customizable damage meters. Including in debth charts and graphs to fine tune your damage output.
1. Postal - - An absolute must have for every player. Additional mail options, such as "loot all".

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gold Making #2: Old-School Enchanting

This post is going to be covering the hidden gem that is old-school and heirloom enchanting. The main enchants I am going to cover are the following because they are most profitable and easy to start.

1. Enchant Chest- Major Health
This formula is bought off a trade supply vendor in Everlook. Its on limited supply so you can have to check back once in a while.

This enchant is hardly ever posted on the auction house, yet it is literally the easiest and most in demand heirloom chest enchant. The mats are cheap and the scrolls go for a huge ammount.

These are my server prices;

Small Brilliants anywhere from 10s-20s each (requires 2)

The scroll sells on average for 50g.

I have yet to come across a server where Small Brilliants are even remotely expensive so this is the easiest method and the one with the largest profit margin.

2.Enchant Weapon- Fiery Weapon
This formula drops off Pyromancer Loregrain in BRD. He literally takes about 3 minutes to get too from the entrance and is very easy to farm.

These are my server prices;

Small Radiant Shard 6g per (requires 4)
Essence of Fire 20s per (requires 1)

The scroll sells on average for 60-70g

Making the profit per scroll for this enchant around 40g.

These scrolls are more popular yet it is quite an easy market to monopolize.

3. Enchant Weapon- Crusader
This formula has a 1% drop change off two types of mobs; Scarlet Archemages and Scarlet Spellbinders

This formula took me about an hour to farm but its most likely worth it depending on your servers prices.
This is probably one of the most sort after enchants for the majority of heirloom weapons.

Here are the prices on my server;

Righteous Orbs 25g per (Requires 2)
Large Brilliant Shards 50g per (Requires 4)

Scroll sells for around 400g.

The large brilliant shards on my server are currently overpriced and they are most likely better on yours.

HOWEVER, if they are not I have a technique to get them very easily.

The item Sergeant's Cloak can be bought for 55 honor and disenchanted into one Large Brilliant. This makes the cost for each enchant only 200 honor and 50g. Make sure the cloak is the level 58 one.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you if you didn't already know about these methods. If you already didn't hopefully you learned something new or were entertained.

[4.3] Assassination Rogue DPS Guide

[4.3] Assassination Rogue Dps Guide

Please watch this video if you havn't already and don't forget to like/comment/subscribe

Talent Build:

Note: This talent build has a couple variations as explained in the video so watch it!

Stat Priority: Agility, Yellow Hit, Spell Hit, Mastery, Haste=Expertise

Blue-Gliting (20 Agil/20 Hit)
Yellow-Adept (20 Agil/20 Mastery)
Red-Delicate (40 Agility)

Professions: Blacksmithing>All>Jewelcrafting

Opening Rotation: Garrote > SnD > Mut > Rupture > Envenom > Vandetta > Mut > Mut > Cold Blood/Trinket > Envenom > Mut > Rupture > Rotate

OR (If you can't Rupture>Envenom) > Mut > Envenom > Mut > Mut > Rupture > Vandetta > Mut > Mut > Cold Blood/Trinket > Envenom > Rotate

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gold Making #1: Carnelian Spikes

Gold Making #1: Carnelian Spikes Video

Please watch the video for this gold making strategy above if you haven't already.

Carnelian Spike (
Carnelian x3 (57g per)
Jewelcrafter's Setting(1g 36s per)

Cost Per: 175g per Spike

Each spike disenchants to between 2-5 Greater Celestial Essence

1 Essence=100g

It would be impossible for me to figure out profit but this will give you an idea

Worst: +25g
Best: +325g
Average +175g

Prices will vary between servers but this should still be profitable

85 Paladin Transmogrification Set

This is my paladin's protection transmogrification set. The ideal tabard is shattered sun but I don't have that yet.

Head-Helmet of the Steadfast Champion(
Shoulders-Noble Plate Pauldrons(
Gloves-Banshee's Touch(
Legs-Inkling's Leggings(
Boots-Boots of the Ancient Killer(
Shield-Draconian Deflector(
Weapon-Chromatically Tempered Sword(

85 Hunter Transmogrification Set

This is one my best transmogrification sets I've ever made and a lot of people seem to like it so here it is.

Shoulders-Black Dragonscale Shoulders(
Back-Cataclysmic Gladiator's Cape(
Chest-Black Dragonscale Breastplate(
Weapon-Lantresor's Warblade(
Gloves-Nerubian Gloves(
Belt-Nerubian Belt(
Legs-Black Dragonscale Leggings(
Boots-Black Dragonscale Boots(

Easy Rare Mounts

Im going to give you guys a list of easy rare mounts you can get. All of these are soloable at 85

1. Raven Lord (
This mount drops off the boss Anzu. He is the second boss in Sethekk Halls (Herioc).
You can run normal dungeons until you can enter herioc (you have to be honerered)
You can only do this once a day buts its very easy.

2. Deathcharger's Reins(
This mount drops off the last boss in Stratholme.
The guys a 51 elite and incredibly easy.
You can do this as many times as you want however, a typical run only takes about 10 minutes
You can only do 5 runs an hour.

3. Swift White Hawkstrider(
This mount drops off the last boss in Magister's Terrace on Herioc.
This one is a bit harder but still doable for any 85.
You have to do this dungeon on normal once to unlock it.
You can do this once a day.

4. Fiery Warhorse's Reins(
This drops off the very first boss in Karazhan.
I soloed this boss on my full green 85 rogue so anyone should be able to do it.
You can only do this once a week so its quite rare