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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10 World of Warcraft Addons

Heres a list of the top 10 addons that will enhance your wow experiance

10. ArkInventory - - Must have bag consolidation addon. Includes item organization features.
9. Quartz - - Extremely interactive and customizable casting bar, great for anyone modding their UI.
8. Pitbull4 - - Although it takes a while to configure, no other unit frame addon matches the editing ability of PB4.
7. Deadly Boss Mods - - Essential for any raider, DBM gives you encounter instructions during the fight.
6. Gladius - - Like DMB for arena players, great moddable unit frames and in-combat notifications.
5. OmniCC - - Amazing cooldown tracking addon, displaying cooldown in text on ability icons.
4. Dominos - - Extremely simple, minimalistic addon bar.
3. Auctionator - - An amazing addon for any frequent AH user. Auto lists and prices items to undercut others.
2. Recount - - Highly customizable damage meters. Including in debth charts and graphs to fine tune your damage output.
1. Postal - - An absolute must have for every player. Additional mail options, such as "loot all".

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