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Saturday, January 7, 2012

[4.3] Assassination Rogue DPS Guide

[4.3] Assassination Rogue Dps Guide

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Talent Build:

Note: This talent build has a couple variations as explained in the video so watch it!

Stat Priority: Agility, Yellow Hit, Spell Hit, Mastery, Haste=Expertise

Blue-Gliting (20 Agil/20 Hit)
Yellow-Adept (20 Agil/20 Mastery)
Red-Delicate (40 Agility)

Professions: Blacksmithing>All>Jewelcrafting

Opening Rotation: Garrote > SnD > Mut > Rupture > Envenom > Vandetta > Mut > Mut > Cold Blood/Trinket > Envenom > Mut > Rupture > Rotate

OR (If you can't Rupture>Envenom) > Mut > Envenom > Mut > Mut > Rupture > Vandetta > Mut > Mut > Cold Blood/Trinket > Envenom > Rotate

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